General thoughts on Beer

  • Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat

    One of the styles of beer I like the most is a beer brewed with wheat. This particular style can go by many different names, with each one having a slightly different type of flavor. For example, a Weissbier (or Weizen) is a Bavarian style beer where they replace most or all of the malted […]

  • Guinness Draught

    When most people think of stouts, they only think of one beer. It’s so much the “stout” that many people are surprised to learn that it’s really not a heavy beer at all. A stout, generally speaking, is a dark beer made using roasted malt. The term “stout” comes from the traditional usage of it […]

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon

    Let’s talk about a beer style for a second… One style that gets much maligned by your average beer-snob is the American Lager. Technically, they’re usually criticizing the “American Adjunct Lager”. An “adjunct” is a beer made with unmalted grains such as rice or corn instead of what the beer is normally made with, which […]